“I don’t remember my father, as I was very young and don’t know how he died,” Sarou told us.

This young Cambodian woman shared the difficulties she faced as a child growing up in poverty-stricken rural Cambodia.

She told us that her job as a child was to care for their water buffalo, an animal used for ploughing the fields and harvesting crops, as well as food for the family. The young girl only attended school until grade three before poverty forced her out of school and into work.

Today, Sarou is married and has three children—two daughters and one son. Her husband is a construction worker, and Sarou spends most of her time caring for his ailing parents. Sickness is an expensive, draining thing for a family that cannot afford health care or nutritious food to fight it.

That’s why we’re partnering with Sarou.

We are providing Sarou with the resources and training needed to make greeting cards. Then, through Work of Your Hand, we purchase bulk orders of those cards to ship and sell in North America.

The income from cards will supplement the meager income that Sarou’s husband brings home; it will make health care more affordable for his ailing parents, and will lighten the burden that sits on the shoulders of these young Cambodian parents. Thank you for partnering with Sarou. The purchases you make through Work of Your Hand are changing lives, one purchase at a time. Click here to learn more about the cards that are made in Sarou’s village, and to purchase an order.