Trung P

When Trung was 15 years old, the young man lost his legs in a boating accident. His injuries were devastating, not only because of his loss of mobility but because he also could no longer help his impoverished family make ends meet.

But it was in the hospital that Trung heard the Gospel for the first time and came to know Jesus.

When he had recovered, Trung invited the Christians he had met at the hospital to return to his village and begin a church there. He also asked them to establish a Vietnamese school, because many other children of Vietnamese immigrants—like Trung himself—struggled to continue their education as a result of their families’ poverty.

Though Trung still experienced pain daily, his injuries healed. That’s when those same international workers who shared the Gospel with the young man also connected him with Work of Your Hand.

We were excited to teach Trung the skill of card making.

The wages he earned from his work helped Trung support his family’s needs, and also allowed him to begin attending school to study grade one—an opportunity that few Vietnamese teenagers like him in Cambodia get to pursue.

We were honoured to partner with Trung for a time and to see his hard work benefit him and his family.

Today, the young man has moved on to different employment. Please continue to pray for him: that he will have dignified work, that God will provide for his physical needs, and that Trung’s faith will continue to grow.

Thank you for partnering with us to change lives like Trung’s, one purchase at a time.

Trung P