Vilma S

When Vilma was 24 years old, she became pregnant and the baby’s father abandoned her and the child. That’s why, when an acquaintance promised the young mother a job far from home, Vilma accepted and travelled several hours north—only to discover she had been tricked: there was no job.

Without enough money for the return trip home, Vilma was forced into sex trafficking; lies and manipulation like she experienced are often used to trap vulnerable women in prostitution, many of whom never escape.

Thankfully for Vilma, the young woman was able to save enough money to leave the bar where she worked and return to Manila.

Once home, she was connected with our partner organization Samaritana Transformation Ministries, which offers emotional, spiritual, and vocational support to women who have been or are at risk of being exploited.

While there, Vilma received counseling for the abuse she had experienced. She also learned how to make beautiful jewelry pieces, which Work of Your Hand then purchased and sold in Canada to help Vilma earn the wages she deserved for her hard work.

During her time with Samaritana, the young woman was a gift to the organization with her reliability, decisiveness, and a genuine desire to help other women there. Soon enough, she was one of the team leaders.

“I want to become a good example to the other trainees here,” Vilma later told us about her leadership role.

Since 2012, she has moved on to another organization that helps women trapped in prostitution, who are near and dear to Vilma’s heart. We are so glad to hear that she is getting the support she needs, and is still using her gifts to bless others.

Thank you for helping us partner with women like Vilma and for changing lives, one purchase at a time.

Vilma S