Clothed in Dignity Sewing Center

Globalization has failed the poor.

The big question often asked is: “What can ‘I’ do?” as we helplessly look at the imbalance in our world between the rich and the poor; knowing the poor of this world are making much of what we own and eat. Because we have all prospered from their sacrifice there is something we must do: give them the tools they need to break the chain of poverty.

You have heard:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Work of Your Hand has joined forces with Sat and Sherry Lali to start a center in Cambodia called “Clothed in Dignity”. We have trained women to sew, and are providing them with products to make. These same women were previously picking garbage from the dump along with other hard labor, but are now on their way to building their own business that can compete in a global market. The start-up costs for machinery, infrastructure, and initial wages were started through donated funds. Our belief is that without profit being extracted by others, the future looks promising for the factory to sustain itself, competing in a global market and providing fair wages and labor standards.

11,000 Bags made in 60 days
Clothed In Dignity began April 2019 in a rented space in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We currently have 8 machines employing 8 girls. A Tuk Tuk was purchased and a driver hired to transport the girls from their village. To date the girls successfully completed 11,000 gift bags in 60 days, that will be sold in stores this Christmas, with all proceed being returned to them for bonuses and expansion.

380 School uniforms made in 60 days
Then they went on and made school uniforms, for Cambodian students ages 4 – 17. That included learning how to make collars, pockets, putting in zippers, buttons, the whole works. And are now learning to make other clothing.

Our future goals:

  • To add more sewing machines in the current rented space. There is space for 10 more machines at $500.00 each.
  • Hire 10 more girls at $250 per month (Bonuses will come from profit).
  • Buy fabric cutting equipment. $6000.
  • Provide the workers with training and mentoring from business owners and professionals.
  • Dreaming big… Build a factory that will house 50-machines, and a daycare center.


The need is great for mentoring and business education. Take an opportunity to share your knowledge and skills, if a short trip to Cambodia fits into future plans. A donation toward expansion is another way to contribute. All donations made out to “WORK OF YOUR HAND” for $20 CAN or more will receive a charitable donation receipt.

Financials will be open to all; there is no profit or remuneration being taken by anyone developing this project. The Cambodian laborers will be the only financial recipients of profit from their labor.

We believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure that our prosperity is not gained from another’s suffering. If all people, business owners and customers, do their small part, we will bring balance into a globalized world.


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